1. What is Shaadi Genie?

The Shaadi Genie app (iOS and Android) connects you to South Asian wedding suppliers in the UK

2. Why should i use the app?

Finding wedding service providers and contacting them individually is time consuming.
The Shaadi Genie app (iOS and Android) takes away the pain - you submit your requirements in the app once and we take care of the rest. Wedding suppliers will then contact you through the app chat function

3. What services can the Shaadi Genie help me with?

We can connect you to bridal makeup artists, wedding cake makers, cinematographers, DJs, wedding stage and decor providers and more. We are constantly adding new services to make planning your wedding easy

4. Does it cost to use the app?

The app (iOS and Android) is free to download and use for everyone

5. I provide wedding services, how do i list my business?

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